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Cannabis and Mental Health is a youth-led project created in collaboration with Cannabis and Psychosis: Exploring the Link, a project by the SSC, the Youth Research and Evaluation Exchange (YouthREX), and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, with funding from Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program.

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Building on the strengths of each partner, centering lived experience, and amplifying youth voice, we have created an engaging online curriculum featuring a diverse range of media, built with an anti-oppression and harm reduction lens.

Responding to the need for engaging, relevant, and youth-friendly health promotion and harm reduction resources, the Cannabis and Mental Health resources feature:

Cannabis and Mental Health Course

Created by youth, for youth, this free 90-minute, online course consists of 4 modules, providing evidence-based, experiential, and engaging knowledge addressing the relationship between cannabis use and mental health. The course explores a range of key issues, from understanding why people choose to use, demystifying the endocannabinoid system, the impact of cannabis legislation on communities, harm reduction basics, and more.

Cannabis and Mental Health Mentor Guide

Developed for educators, program leaders, and mentors working with youth ages 12-18, the activities in the guide offer fun ways to help youth build resilience and skills to stay balanced and thrive, now and in the future. These skills include the ability to understand and manage stress, problem solve, think critically, communicate and collaborate with others.

These engaging online resources will improve the overall understanding, attitudes, and behaviors around cannabis use and mental health, encourage safer practices, and protect and promote young people’s mental health and well-being.

We invite you to explore the resources and share them with your networks!

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