Long Acting Injectable Recommendations

In May, 2013, the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry published a supplement that was entitled, “Long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotics: Recommendations for Clinicians”. This supplement was comprised of 4 papers; a review of LAI use, 2 qualitative research papers on patient and clinician perspectives, and the recommendations for LAI use in Canada. These recommendations are important to our ongoing goal of improving outcomes in psychosis/schizophrenia. The SSC and the SSCF feel this publication and national recommendations for the use of LAIs as a treatment option in the management of psychotic disorders should be disseminated and discussed. The authors themselves note “the importance of an open dialogue between the patient, family, and the clinical team under different circumstances and at all stages during the course of illness, including the first crucial 2-5 years.” See: Malla A, Tibbo P, Chue P, Levy E, Manchanda R, Teehan M, Williams R, Iyer S, Roy MA. Long-acting injectable antipsychotic medications: Recommendations for clinicians. *Can J Psychiatry *58; Supp 1. 2013.

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